Brands ≡ Rossignol Rossignol Technology (08/09)
Rossignol Technology (08/09)
This year, Rossignol women's skis come with new, more radical sidecut. Also, Rossignoll implemented many novelties into their other models.

In 06/07 season, Rossignol launched the Mutix technology, becoming thus the pioneer in changing the ski features while on the slope. The Mutix technology is this season present in similar variants as last year. The variants of "short arms" for short turns and "long arms" for longer turns remain, as well as the "booster" that comes with the long arms and adds the third variant of a ski radius to the skis equipped with the Mutix technology (picture on the right). The 'arms' come with the Radical models. Last year, Rossignol introduced a technology that allowed changing the ski's stiffness. This season, there are three variants: "extra stiff","stiff", and "regular". As suggested by the name, you can change the ski's stiffness to match the hard packed, icy, or soft terrain and your skiing mood for the day. The arms for changing the ski's stiffness come with the Zenith models.

So as to make them up to date, some Rossignol's models intended for off-piste skiing are this season equipped with the Dual Camber technology (headline photo). Some Bandit models equipped with this technology also have the DC Switch mechanism. A simple flip of the DC switch activates a cable system that transforms the ski from a powerful, crud busting, traditional cambered ski to a reverse cambered, powder floating tool (picture on the left). Reverse camber is ultimate powder tool allowing the big mountain rider to butter deep powder turns effortlessly. When you feel like returning to groomers, simply flip the switch to engage traditional camber.

The most radical novelty this season is definitely the Woman Waist Concept. It is incorporated into all Harmony models and can be spotted at the first sight (picture on the right). As this concept is incorporated into the ski, it gets an 'extra' waist positioned at the back, while its tail additionally widens. This unique sidecut is to make skiing even easier and decrease the ski's weight.

The race skis also have a modified sidecut. Their being equipped with the Oversize technology resulted in larger geometry; the giant slalom models now have 80 mm waists!

Other technologies are already mostly well known. The IPS (Independent Pressuring System) provides better control at making turns, and tenacious edge grip. It comes in two variants. the first one is called IPS Custom (for the models equipped with the Mutix technology), with additional pressure systems incorporated respectively above each of the ski's edges and spanning along 80% of the edge. The second one is IPS H (incorporated into the Zenith models), with H-shaped pressure systems spanning along the whole ski length.

The VAS (Vibration Absorbing System) continues to dampen the vibrations. The same as last season, it is embedded into the ski's structure, but this time only into its tip. It comes with the Zenith models.

The WRS (Weight Reducing System) remains incorporated into the freestyle models. It is a patented core design that groups strands of fiber along the core and sidewalls so that everything is aligned with the ski's sidecut shape. This allows for more structural integrity beneath your feet and less density along the tip and tail, giving the ski exceptional snap and lively maneuverability. Also, there is the Free System, a new binding system (picture on the left) that enables changing the stance of the ski, which will allow you to choose your ideal position (0 / +3 / +6), depending on whether you plan to ski backcountry, half pipe, or park.

Apart from the Free system, there are the TPI2 and ZIP Technology binding systems that allow easier binding assembly and adjustments without having to use a tool.

November 21, 2008 11:35h
Author: Elinka Barišiæ
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